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"The Embodiment of Distinguished & Vivid Movement"

Iridessa Blossoms is an Internationally known Performance Artist and is making her way around the world one show at a time.  She has been stimulating audiences with her unique expression and artistic concepts in variety shows for close to a decade.  She is known for her pop n' lock isolations and hybrid style of belly dance.  She is multi-talented and her signature style is broad, diverse and ever-changing. While struggling to find her place in belly dance, she found her community while attending the annual burlesque conventions, The Great Burlesque Exposition and Burlycon.  She is the producer and founder of Poppin' Cherries and Eclektic~ Ka and the owner Creative Motion Dance.  


Favorite Credentials:  The Great Burlesque Expostion 2015-2017, Flaunt Follies, The Burlesque Marathong: International Edition 2014-2015, Edmonton Burlesque Festival 2015, Idaho's Got Talent finalist, Idaho Shakespeare Festival, Invitation and secured audition time for America's Got Talent, Southern Fried Burlesque Fest 2015, Revelry Burlesque, Deschutes Brewery Beer-lesque, Glitterati Gals Burlesque, Shades of Black, Red Light Variety Show, Monsters of Hip Hop, Adrenaline Dance and The Zoe Jakes Tribal Mini Massive. 


With her distinguished hips that tease and signature moves that please, she dances effortlessly in an unreal fashion.  Sultry and sassy...transforming your senses to a place that is ethereal.  Bridging the gap between worlds and transcending time and space, she is a magical goddess in motion!  When she is not lighting up the stage you can find her frolicking with fairies.


Catch The Buzz...


Jimmy "The Pocket" Berg:  "Iridessa’s dance routine to Enur’s “Calabria 2007” was my favorite of the night. She combined elements of hip-hop, belly dance, hula and burlesque, moving fluidly between different styles. She held the audiences attention with her facial work and never removed her top. The great thing was, no one cared. I love performers who think outside the box and expand the definition of burlesque. Iridessa did a superb job of blending so many styles with minimum kitsch. Defnitely one of my top five picks of the whole weekend, hands down."


Iva Handfull:  "Thanks for bringing your awesomeness.  You shook our world on stage!  Thank you so very much for performing in our show and for bringing your badass dance moves to Seattle."


Violet Ten Dencies:  "That was glad you were a part of the show!"


Foxy Tann:  "That's what I would call defined movement alright...she's pretty artsy."


Red Bone:  "That was awesome last night!  Keep doing what you are doing and spread your wings girl."


Regina Dentata:  "I remember you on the dance floor!!!!!!! you ROCKED it."


Holly Jeree:  "I loved seeing you perform at Iva's show!  Keep up the fantastic performances, and hope to see you at BurlyCon 2015!"


Sherri Danner:  "Just had to say that my partner and I were blown away by your act!"


Lotta Moxxy:  I find myself thinking of & thanking some of you beautiful people for your talents.  Iridessa Blossoms for the AMAZING technique in dance."


Kyiah Shekanna Evans:  Iridessa is thee Best belly dancer I have ever seen!


Erin Phillips:  "Awesome!  That girl can move!"


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